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The desk in the Music Room is always in use.  Here’s some of the work that gets done there.

The Musical Quarterly Editorials

Leon Botstein has been the editor of one of the most venerated musicological journals for 25 years.  Here is exclusive access to an archive of his editorials for The Musical Quarterly.

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American Symphony Orchestra Essays

As Music Director of the American Symphony Orchestra, Leon Botstein has provided introductory essays for audiences which define the Orchestra’s distinctive approach to “thematic” programming, in which musical works are curated around an extra-musical theme drawn from history, literature, the visual arts, or topical issues.  Here is a complete archive of his essays from the concerts of the American Symphony Orchestra.

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 Other Articles and Essays

  • The Unsung Success of Live Classical Music

    Ticket sales are up, orchestra revenues are growing and there are more concerts than ever. As the fall season gets under way, classical music is secretly thriving. By LEON BOTSTEIN In Vienna this past June, I went to a thrilling production of Richard Strauss’s “Capriccio.” The next morning, in a 14th-century Gothic church, I was […]

    The Future of Conducting

    When Hans Keller set about debunking musical professions he considered “phoney,” his “hit list” was predictable: opera producers, music critics, musicologists, and of course, violists and conductors. These professions were new to his generation as independent full-time activities; they were consequences of a historical process in Western Europe sociologists once termed “rationalization.” Read the full […]

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