Bard Music Festival

This corner of the Music Room is dedicated to the Bard Music Festival, which brings together performers and scholars from all over the world every summer to explore the works and legacy of a great composer. Last summer’s composer was Franz Schubert.


  • The Bard Music Festival at 25: Franz Schubert and his World, New York Arts
    “My leading thought goes against much of what the Bard Music Festival and my own values, for that matter, stand for. And just read Keith Francis’ provocative series, The Great Composers?, the latest installment of which has just been published. I’ve missed only one Bard Festival since 2006, and I’ve heard great music by Elgar, Prokofiev, and Sibelius. And, well, Saint-Saëns was too gifted to be great, and that really didn’t interest him in any case. Of the composers included in the festival, only Wagner and Stravinsky turn up on common lists of the greatest—not that those stupid lists do anything but harm. Still, during the two twenty-fifth anniversary weekends devoted to Franz Schubert I felt I was living with the gods, and the lingering impression of those weekends swelled accordingly.”
  • A Weber Work Comes Out of Obscurity, Wall Street Journal
    “This year’s seven-week Bard SummerScape focuses on Franz Schubert, though, as is often the case with this imaginative festival, the staged opera production explores an obscure work by one of the central composer’s contemporaries. Carl Maria von Weber left his mark on music history with the supernatural yarn “Der Freischütz” (1821), a cornerstone of German Romantic opera; “Euryanthe,” which had its premiere in Vienna in 1823, was not so fortunate. Its disappearance is most often blamed on the oddities and inconsistencies in the libretto by the poet Helmina von Chézy.”
  • ‘Euryanthe,’ Rarely Heard, Is Mounted at Bard, The New York Times
    “In the first act of Weber’s seldom-performed “Euryanthe,” the villain, Count Lysiart, briefly turns opera critic. Listening to a plangent aria, he’s less than pleased.“The fault lies not in the music, but in the words,” he observes. “

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